CFO Real Estate Brings Three New Businesses To Downtown Winter Haven


Winter Haven, FL (March 10, 2015) –Darby Craddock, Broker/Owner CFO Real Estate Services, LLC has led efforts to bring three new businesses to downtown Winter Haven. For the past six months, Craddock has systematically been successful in brokering deals that brought the new businesses to thriving downtown Winter Haven.

“There is a lot of buzz about growing Winter Haven,” says Craddock. “The area is very attractive for businesses, which is evident when owners choose to buy and invest in their own 5000 square foot buildings.”

Craddock’s efforts led to Central Florida Health Care buying their own building for administration services at 47 5thStreet in December 2014. A private law firm bought 55th 5th Street in September 2014.  Both of these sales were on the heels of Craddock negotiating a national tenant lease to bring Raymond James to downtown Winter Haven.

“I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Darby Craddock, Winter Haven realtor who helped us with the purchase of our new administration building,” said Ann Claussen, CEO, Central Florida Health Care. “It was necessary to look for a building that could house all of our administration. She asked the right questions to ensure the building was a fit for our needs. Over the next several months, we anticipate having about 24-28 people working from our new facility.”

Craddock, a fourth generation realtor and Floridian says she is proud when she tours and educates visitors on all that Winter Haven has to offer. She works closely with Winter Haven Economic Development Council and the Chamber as well as City Planners to find out how best to approach each seller, buyer and possible tenant.

Trained by her grandfather in Real Estate, Craddock says it was ingrained in her that before you first shake hands with the client, you need “to know more about the client’s property and needs than they do.” She has found that to be that true and says hard work, learning to listen and keeping the client’s needs first has been what works every time.


About CFO Real Estate Services, LLC

CFO Real Estate Services, LLC is a Florida-licensed, full-service real estate brokerage company, and affiliate of Craddock Family Office, operated and founded by Hood Craddock. CFO Real Estate Services, LLC specializes incommercial real estate investment, commercial building leases and subleases, and agriculture real estate. To learn more about CFO Real Estate Services, LLC, and the properties currently represented, please or contact Darby Craddock, Broker at 863-875-8995 or via email at





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